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What is Subplay?


The concept for

Subplay Creative

emerged as I found

myself increasingly

involved in the

production of various

projects ranging from

albums, to podcasts,

to startups, to videos,

to consulting and helping creatives and artists get “unstuck” along the way in their journey. And, not gonna lie, plenty of failures and false starts added seasoning, and were found to be quite valuable. 


As a result of these endeavors, whether in collaboration with others or solo, new skills were learned, new art was produced, and I often found myself first, struggling with where to focus this creative energy, and second, needing some kind of box to put it all in. As it started to sort itself out (still sorting by the way), I thought, “Why does this necessarily need to be this one discipline?” What if my “niche”, is exactly what this is all shaking out to be, namely, me applying 30 years of production, writing and creative experience to all of these areas in a way that supports my friends, and nurtures art that I believe in? And the box to put it in? Well, that became Subplay Creative, which is an outlet for all of these forms of content. Why not?


The name Subplay is meant to imply, in a tongue-and-cheek sort of way, that the goal of this endeavor is not merely to create a “hit” of some kind, but to shine a light on someone/something creative and moving, and to tell the story behind it in a compelling way. And that perspective often leads to art and artists that are quirky and under the radar. I think the best art though, art that soars and connects with an audience in a powerful way (not everybody however), is that which is created without focussing on outcomes like revenue and “likes”. If you start with those types of ends in mind, it’s undoubtedly going to affect what’s being created. And inversely, if you focus on the heart of what’s being created, and make something of value that’s moving, it will resonate with others, and the rest will sort itself out (he said, hopefully). 

And with that in mind, we’re off to find our audience. Subplay won’t be for everybody, but I hope it’s for you! 


Coming soon… look for 



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