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Monroe Bio Summary

Monroe Jones is a Grammy Award winning producer, a five time Dove Award winner, and a four time Dove nominee for producer of the Year, as well as founder and president of eb+flo Records, an imprint of Universal/Universal South, under which he signed and produced artists such as Holly Williams, Steven Delopoulos, Jeremy Casella, and Chris Rice. Jones is also Founder and CEO of SongLever, Inc., a school resource curriculum that uses songwriting and technology to enhance engagement, improve learning, and foster creativity for students in public schools. 


Of the over 60 projects Jones has produced, he has produced over 30 number one records, generating sales in excess of eleven million units (physical product). Artists he has worked with include Stevie Nicks, David Crosby, Jackson Browne, U2, Billy Preston, Duane Eddy, Cliff Richard, Third Day, and Chris Rice among others.

Most recently, Jones has produced the album, “Beauty Unnoticed” 

(fall ’21 release) for singer/songwriter, Danielle Rose, and is launching a podcast network through his company Subplay Creative, with episodes and shows which marry music and story. 


Jones is a graduate of Belmont University with a BA degree in Marketing. 



Judson Spence                                                                                                             

“Judson Spence” (Songwriter/Producer) 


Geoffery Williams Albums
“Prisoner Of Love” (Songwriter/Producer)
“Bare” (Songwriter) 



“Venice” (Band Member/Songwriter/Keyboard Player) 


“Scrooged”  (Bill Murray) Movie Soundtrack                                                           "Wonderful Life" (Songwriter/Producer) 


Stevie Nicks “Street Angel” (Songwriter)                                                                


“Renaissance Man” (Danny DeVito)                                                                                       Movie Soundtrack (Songwriter)

Marcus Hummon                                                                                                                     

“All In Good Time” (Producer) 


“Amazing Grace” (Producer) Grammy win                                                                     

John Berry, Billy Dean, Susan Ashton


Farmer’s Daughter Album (Producer) 


Chris Rice Albums (Producer)                                                                                         

“Deep Enough To Dream”                                                                                                      

“Past The Edges” 

“Smell The Color Nine”
“The Living Room Sessions”
“The Living Room Sessions Christmas”
“Run The Earth Watch The Sky”
“Short Term Memories”
“Peace Like A River”
“What A Heart Is Beating For”

Bruce Carroll “Boomerang” (Producer)

Wes Cunningham “12 Ways To Win People Over To Your Way Of Thinking” (Producer) 


Margaret Becker “Falling Forward” (Producer)

Ginny Owens Albums (Producer)
“Without Condition”
“Something More”
“Get In I’m Drivin’”
“I Know A Secret”

Watermark “Watermark” (Producer)

Chasing Furies “With Abandon” (Producer)

Geoff Moore “Geoff Moore” (Producer)

Third Day Albums (Producer)

“Come Together” Grammy Winner 

“Offerings II”
“Chronology Vol. 1”


Mark Schultz Albums (Producer) 

“Mark Schultz” 

“Song Cinema”

Luna Halo “Shimmer” (Producer)

Shaun Groves Albums (Producer)                                                                                     “Invitation To Eavesdrop”

“One Silent Night” Compilation (Producer) 

Amy Grant, Leigh Nash, Nicole C. Mullen, Jaci Velasquez and Moya Brennan, Ginny Owens


“Salvador” (Producer) 


Caedmon’s Call 

“Long Line Of Leavers” (Producer) 


Paul Colman Trio 

“New Map Of The World” (Producer) 


Out Of The Grey “6.1” (Producer)

LaRue “Reaching” (Producer)

Lincoln Brewster “Amazed” (Producer)

Steven Delopolous Albums (Producer)
“Me Died Blue”
“Straight Jacket”

Jeremy Casella Albums (Producer)
“Innocence Fires” 



Cliff Richard “Something Goin’ On” (Producer) 


Holly Williams “The Ones We Never Knew” (Producer) 


“The Message” Compilation (Producer) 


Inhabited (Producer) 

“The Revolution” 



Building 429 

“Rise” (Producer) 


David Phelps Albums (Producer) 

“One Wintry Night” 

“The Voice” 


Becki Ryan “Make A Way” (Producer) 


Tal & Acacia “Wake Me” (Producer) 


Kandace Springs “My Name Is Sheba” (Producer) 


Duane Eddy “Artifacts Of Twang” (Producer) 


“Grow It” (Songwriter/Producer) 


“Friends With Benifits” (Justin Timberlake)                                                                             Tal and Acacia Movie Soundtrack (Songwriter/Producer) 


Danielle Rose “Beauty Unnoticed” (Producer)


Founded eb+flo records, an imprint of Universal South (Universal) 


Founded and current CEO and co-founder, SongLever, Inc. 


Founded Subplay Creative, podcast network 

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