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Hope in the Hard Way

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As it turns out...

this is an experiment. But for me, it’s also a breakthrough of sorts. After over 40 years in the music industry as a producer, songwriter, musician, and label owner (with some successes and many failures), I now realize my whole career has been an experiment. The difference is, now I see that and embrace it. I’ve spent my whole life chasing identity; trying to force my way into some box and conquer it. Only to find that, every time I do, I’ve left who I am and what I do outside the box. 


Strip it all away, and I find that I know only a few things: 


1. It (life, you, whatever it is) is better outside the box. 

2. I’m a hopeless creative. I have to be making something at all times. It’s a disease;         the one constant that’s been with me my entire life. It just is. 

3. It’s some impossible purpose, endeavor or quest that makes me happy; not

    success. I may bitch and moan about the lack of resources here and there, but the

    truth is, I’d never trade purpose and pursuit for wealth, comfort and stability.

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And so, in keeping with this revelation, I find myself moving to the next thing. It’s not a conscious, intentional act, I just find myself there, like so many times before. What distinguishes this time from all the rest? 


Again, a couple of things: 


1. This time around, I hope to embrace and savor process and journey. 

2. I’m not going to hide, and try to just reappear on the other side, victoriously with

    some brilliant new thing. I’m inviting you into the mess. 


Oh yeah, this new experiment? I’m not sure. I know that it involves podcasting, music and audio, and an attempt to help creatives present and monetize their art in a meaningful way. Grab the popcorn. Regardless of the outcome, it should be interesting. 


Last thing—What about your experiment? I bet you have one, are one, or are obsessed with the one you’ve put off for all these years. The beauty is, it could be anything. I hope my endeavor encourages you to take the long look, identify the thing, and have the honest conversation. Then start. You’ll be energized. Don’t hide behind the fear like I have for so long. And for those of you on the journey: Just keep taking the next step, next step, next step. 


It feels like insanity to launch and host multiple shows at once, but the stories and ideas that surfaced were so varied, I couldn't think of a better way to categorize them. Hence, the new experiment. While themes differ from show to show, a few components are consistently present throughout. First and foremost of course, is story. Beyond that, music and rich production (again, insanity) play a large role in how those stories are told. And woven throughout are bits and pieces of my own experience. The goal here, is that these shows will entertain, inspire, and trigger seeds of hope and possibility in listeners as they join me in the journey. At this point there's no logical revenue model. I've basically created all of these episodes on my own, soup to nuts, and each is extremely time consuming, and some cost thousands of dollars in song clearances alone. If your'e enjoying the work, your support means everything. Please subscribe to the newsletter from the site, and please subscribe to, and rate the podcasts wherever you listen to audio. Thanks!

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